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The Cost of a Home Inspection

The cost of a home inspection can vary based on a few key factors: square footage, the age of a home, and the quality of the inspection you're looking for. If you want a home inspector to take a walk around and give you a "thumbs up" series of check boxes so you feel good in the short term, that won't cost much (in the short term). Cheap home inspections result in cheap advice, and you get what you pay for, which is little to no actionable information.

For very little more, you can get a thorough, professional assessment from foundation to roof and all points between, complete with a detailed, easily understood report on the status of each of your home's major systems and components.

Keep in mind that even top-quality home inspections like ours are cheap when you consider the alternative of bringing in a plumber, carpenter, roofer, heating and cooling technician, electrician, and maybe even a structural engineer to look at your new home to be sure you catch everything. The investment you make with a home inspector (typically between $300 and $500 for an average-sized home in Central Ohio) is about one tenth the cost of bringing in specialists from each field.

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