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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection


It's in everyone's interest for a home inspection to go smoothly. The buyer in contract with you clearly loves your home and wants to make it theirs. Here are some things you can do to prevent delays, avoid having an incomplete inspection, and help the buyer love your home even more.


  • Make sure that all utilities (water, electric and gas service) are on, and that any gas pilot lights are lit. Inspectors do not light pilot lights or turn on water or gas valves. If any of the above are off, it makes the inspection far less useful to the buyer, who may then be less confident and comfortable proceeding to closing.

  • Remove stored items and materials from in front of the interior foundation walls so that the inspection can be complete. A home's foundation is a critical component, and while you may not think of it often while living in a house, now is a time when it needs to be fully accessed.

  • Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electric service panels, water heaters, attics and crawl spaces. There should be three feet of space around these to allow thorough inspection.

  • Unlock areas to which the inspector will need access, such as attic hatches, electric service panels, closets, fence gates, garages, and crawl spaces.

  • Make sure that pets don’t interfere with the inspection. Ideally, they should either not be on the premises or safely secured outside. The presence of pets at home should be communicated to all parties through the seller's agent.

  • Replace any burned out light bulbs in the home to avoid any question of electrical problems.

  • Replace (or clean) dirty HVAC filters. They should be fully seated in their channels or compartments, and be facing the proper direction (arrows on the filter will indicate proper orientation).

  • Repair any broken items like doorknobs, locks, latches, windowpanes, gutters, and downspouts. Also replace any missing screens and door or window hardware.

Addressing these points prior to having your home inspected will make the closing process easier and smoother for you, the buyer, and all agents involved.

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